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The Renaissance Sword Club, for lessons in sword fighting and historical fencing in London , Surrey, Berkshire and the South-East of England

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Rob Runacres, Instructor at The Renaissance Sword ClubOur instructor is Rob Runacres. Rob’s main passions are for rapier forms and the Bolognese sidesword. He has taught a variety of workshops in Europe, of particular note rapier and cloak, rapier and dagger and sidesword and dagger. The main historical masters he studies are Salvator Fabris, François Dancie, Girolamo Cavalcabo and Giovanni dall'Agocchie, as well as other French and Spanish. He has translated a number of French treatises, including L’Espée de Combat (Dancie, 1623) and Le Maistre D’Arme Liberal (Besnard, 1653).

Rob is a strong believer in Western Martial Arts as a modern discipline with historical roots, rather than simply a recreation of specific treatises. He is perhaps happiest when teaching and has taught workshops in France, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

In January 2013, Rob was privileged with honorary membership of De Taille and d’Estoc.

Rob is active on the international tournament scene, both as a competitor and organiser. He is the Tournament Manager for Swordfish, the world’s largest Western Martial Arts competition, and is a senior judge for the Nordic League.

Rob is available to teach private individuals or classes in the UK or workshops at events in the UK or abroad. He has a number of pre-prepared workshops or can tailor to suit specific requirements.

Rob is insured by the Independent Martial Art Sports Association

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Rob Runacres, instructor at the Renaissance Sword Club