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The Renaissance Sword Club, for lessons in sword fighting and historical fencing in London , Surrey, Berkshire and the South-East of England

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As well as training in  Renaissance  sword arts, we actively translate the original treatises as well as interpret and attempt to implement the teachings. Our major publication is ‘The Sword of Combat, by François Dancie , which can be previewed at the bottom of this page.

To purchase the book, please follow the link here

In addition we are working or have translated works by Charles Besnard (1653), André Desbordes (1610) and Hieronyme Calvacabo (1617), some of which can be found below.

François Dancie

Discourse of Arms and Method to Properly Fence With the Sword and Dagger (pre 1617)

Translated from a transcription by Olivier Dupuis, which can be found here

André Desbordes

Discourse of the Theory and Practice of the Excellence of Arms (1610)

Charles Besnard

The Free Master of Weapons Part 1 (1653)

Translated from a draft transcription by Ju Garry of De Taille et D’Esctoc, and from a scan of the original, which can be found here


The Sword and Dagger Techniques of François Dancie by Rob Runacres

Brief Notes on Using the Cloak with the Rapier by Rob Runacres

Exercises for the Cloak and Rapier by Rob Runacres

HEMAC Factsheet:   Salvator Fabris' Lo Schermo by Rob Runacres

Translations and Articles Title Historical Treatises

Translations and articles by the Renaissance Sword Club

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